TheRamadhanBaby -EID EL-FITR

We can not thank Allah enough for HIs Mercy. 

May He accept all our deeds and assist us as we try to infuse all we did in the last month into our daily lives.

A few gems from the Sunnah:

If you have not paid Zakatul Fitr and you are able. Kindly do so before the prayer.

Take a bath and wear perfume (men!) We don’t want to make others uncomfortable. 

Wear your best clothes but please remain modest.

If you have enough food to cook, open your doors and enjoy your feats with others. 

Exchange gifts! It increases love for each other.

Take different routes when going and coming from the Eid prayers.

 Listen carefully to the sermon,no Nawafil (voluntary prayer) before the Eid as it is a Nawafil(albeit highly recommended).

Give the children treats! This builds fond memories for them.

If you live in a country where there aren’t many Muslims, do your best and join others online.

Enjoy! Celebrate! Have fun! 

In all,keep it Halal. 

Keep all those we lost in Ramadhan in your dua. Help their families if you can.

Remember the Shayateen are out. Keep feeding your soul.

EID MUBARAK to all of you around the world.

Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum(may Allah accept it from us and from you).
Lots of love,



Eid-l-Adha 1435A.H. came with the following gifts-

Gratitude: Saying Alhamdulillah for family, loved ones, abundance, health,happy and sad moments and everything Allah has done for us, the total extent of which we can not fully grasp.

Reflections: on the lessons of Sacrifice, Tawwakul(trust in Allah), Faith,Patience, Submission,Humility,Humanity

Reminder: to remain steadfast and strive to learn our Deen and practise it as the Prophet and the righteous predecessors(Sahabas and the early generations who followed) did.

Dua :for our souls, our families, loved ones and the generality of the Muslim Ummah.

May Allah keep us firm, forgive and protect us,bless and assist us. May He grant us all that is good and protect us from all evil. May we all be among the people of Jannah. Amin.

Taqabalallah mina wa minkum
Min Oumissa
Bil Hubb