One of the things I love the most about this month is the pervading sense of brotherhood (and sisterhood). That feeling that we are all equals; that bond is best felt than described.

In the early mornings, people urge their family and neighbours to wake up for Tahajjud and then they all gather around for Sahur. There is always enough to go round and each person gets at least a morsel or a drink. The love we give each other through sharing is so overwhelming.

At Dhuhr and Asr, more worshippers come around as many take Salah more importantly. Throughout the day, there is always someone to remind you with their speech or actions to do more good deeds.

Muslims stick together more in this period. Maybe it’s because everyone understands a bit of what others are feeling. In all, a general sense of calm, kindness, and good behaviour is what prevails.

Then comes Iftar, which more often occurs outside the home than Sahur as many workers are still busy. For many working Muslims, it takes place at the mosque. Here, there are new brothers or sisters to meet. Those who have share their food with those who do not and everyone thanks Allah for yet another successful day of fasting.

Maghrib is observed in congregation and then usually a big meal follows.
Isha is anticipated for the Tarawih that comes with it. And each person that can, continues the recitation of the Quran.

Lots of activities carried out together breeds that sense of being in sync with every other Muslim on the planet. Images and videos of the Ummah in foreign lands melt the heart as you realize millions of people are doing the same thing as you.

Rich and poor, young and old, male and female, strong and weak; these and other distinctions dissipate leaving only the goodness-inherent and cultivated-in each heart.

Few experiences beat this.

We are all reminded that deep down and in the Sight of Allah, we are all equal. Only through our good deeds are we judged to be better than others. What a noble form of competition.

This alone is a favour to show gratitude for.