TheRamadhanBaby #6 GIVE SADAQAH


Isn’t it funny how when we are asking Allah for something we are so expectant and feel bad when we do not get it? Yet when others ask of us, we become reluctant, we try to justify, we hesitate we sometimes even judge and call these people ‘beggar’.

The concept of Sadaqah is to help others in any way possible. It could be a kind word or substantial wealth. It is a means of achieving social justice. This is because the rich one is reminded that wealth is a blessing and the poor knows that he is not forgotten.

It is a core part of the essence of a good Muslim to always give to others.
Give food to the hungry, clothes to the unkempt, help a family with Iftar and Sahur, give the beggars, be nice to everyone, greet people with a smile.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “But I am poor myself and in need of Sadaqah.” You can give a smile! You can be a listening ear to a troubled heart, assist someone in distress.

There are so many ways, even a head of the household taking care of the family is giving Sadaqah. It is also not restricted to the poor alone.
Be kind to everyone and aspire to keep at it all year round.