Deen of Peace

Laylatul Qadr

It’s time to spot the night

Whose majesty will fill our souls with light

Utilizing it wisely will bring delight

And set the course of our lives aright

Our Ibaadah must soar to greater heights

Sinful deeds take off on a flight

We pray Allah lifts all our plights

For we exist only by His Power and Might

Brothers and sisters, sit tight

While we watch our world glow bright

This month, only the mind with insight

Will not give in to needless fright

That day when we behold His Sight

We wouldn’t be anything but alright

Cerebral Pops

Yoruba can rhyme!

Ki o to dale
Mo maa lo sisale
Lati pon mi kale
Okan mi yoo si bale

Cerebral Pops Medic Journal

BTS over

Some have read and some have not

None wants to be the failure of the lot

Through boring classes and postings did we fervently jot

To study is rough and the pass race is hot

Let’s cross our t’s and crown i’s with dots

Dear peeps,go crush BTS with all you’ve got!

Cerebral Pops


Hope is a cool spring

Washes your heart till it gleams

Worry is a fiery ring

That consumes all your dreams