Trust Your Journey

Mental health is coming into the limelight as a major threat to overall wellbeing for many people. When a celebrity is lost to suicide, it is easy to detach oneself from it. But when it affects someone close to you, it takes the shape of a more vivid reality.

It results in a rollercoaster of emotions. You feel sad about losing them, you feel helpless for not being able to help them.. you may even feel guilty in the terrible case that you may have contributed to their trauma.

Being a young doctor in Nigeria of today is an existence that is tough. The system is not suited to latest standards of care, your career prospects may look bleak, you grapple with exams, and you see your friends moving ahead in life. The mirages of good pay and prestige fritter away before your eyes as you run for cover (in both literal and figurative ways).

In all of this, it is important to have a good support system of both colleagues and mentors who can help navigate the treacherous waters and work together with you to find your way.

A colleague who is an epitome of excellence in her work, studies, leadership, friendship and helping others wrote this message on a forum for colleagues. In the hopes of reaching more people with this lifeline, I asked to share it here. Now, it was directed at a group of young doctors but it’s words can apply to anyone feeling like they are underachieving.

Hi guys, good afternoon. This is random but I thought I should put it out here. I know it might seem like everyone is out on a path, figuring their lives out, getting married, getting fantastic jobs, writing and acing exams and stuff.

I just want to leave a word of encouragement to folks who feel their life is a mess or they have no idea what to do, say post housejob or post NYSC. Somehow, the government planned our lives from primary school to NYSC level and there might be someone here confused about what next.

Please guys, there are always folks around to help. We are a family here and I really like what Leo did some weeks back about appreciating everyone. Perhaps you’ve written IELTS again and again and keep failing, say Writing tasks, or you’re studying for USMLE and you keep forgetting what you’ve read or you lowkey did Primaries and didn’t pass.

Don’t worry, keep pushing, try again and again and again. Weird but I have this belief that if anyone who can pass 300Level Pharmac exam can pass any exam in the world. Perhaps you’re the one person that your whole family looks up to, you hardly saved anything during housejob because of responsibilities here and there and you don’t even have money for exams right now, always remember God’s got you and there’s a time for everything.

I honestly don’t know why this came to my mind this afternoon but please guys, SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION.

Have a nice day, fam.”

– Dr. Akudo Umeh


I really hope this helps someone at least to trust their journey and believe they will surmount all obstacles.




Lagos, Nigeria

TheRamadhanBaby #8 -Sabr

​”Life is tough” is a phrase everyone uses from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, old, young, male or female.

    The very process of living comes with a lot of challenges. We have to get through somehow.
    There is however one characteristic we all possess (albeit in varying amounts) -patience.

    Closely associated with forbearance, endurance, perseverance , making lemonades out of lemons or just the plain old putting-a-smile-on-your-face, patience helps us forge ahead in the midst of life’s turbulence.
    It helps us avoid mistakes and rash decisions. it helps us see the silver lining behind clouds, gain the fattest bone. It is true that the world in which we live in, filled as it is with immediate gratification all forms of hedonistic tendencies, makes the exercise of patience laborious and seemingly nonprofitable. 
    However, it helps us in the long run, is a source of strength and a valuable lesson to teach the young.
     Be patient when you fall ill every Ramadhan and don’t get to do many acts of Ibaadah.

    Be patient when insensitive people ask you why you are not married yet, don’t have that degree, didn’t get your dream job or child.

    Be patient even though you want to give them a piece of your mind and ask them if Allah is not the only source of good.
    Be patient when you are angry, (Q41:34, 3:134) for this is a sign of strength (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 8, Hadith no 135), you would avert trouble from yourself and others.
    Be patient when everything seems to be falling apart, you are overwhelmed and no one seems to understand you.
    Be patient while you work to make things better for help is on the way even if your efforts seem not to work right now.
    Be patient through grief (amazing example in the relatives of the victims of the recent horrendous attacks in Manchester, Portland and  Kabul).

    Be patient through illness, disappointments, pain and sorrow.
    Be patient and trust Allah to set right all your affairs.

    Be patient for Allah is with the patient ones. (Q8:46)

    Be patient for He does not waste the reward of the doers of good. (Q11:115)
    No one said it was easy but we are all learners with endless capacity for improvement.