Cerebral Pops

20 Facts to a Score


I eat potatoes.

My first try at solid food was mashed potatoes and eggs. Soon it became a favourite. As I grew older however, I ditched the Irish variety for  the sweet. I  later learnt  it is the main cash crop in my hometown where it is called ‘anamo’. I eat potatoes with almost anything and I really don’t mind if it is boiled, baked or fried into chips. I like it best with chicken and ketchup.

Potatoes are grown all over the world and constitute a staple in many countries. They are served in a wide variety of delicacies. One advantage is that they are  cheap and easy to come by. Sadly, many do not appreciate the health benefits inherent in potatoes. Others smother it in a lot of butter and cream.

Without all the fat and deep frying,  a baked potato is a low-calorie,  high fibre food that can provide significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is a good source of antioxidants.

It is the best  most affordable source of potassium.It is also  rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, copper  and manganese. Other nutrients that can be derived from it include, iron,calcium, magnesium,sodium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, beta carotene, Vitamin B6,E and K.  It is the new wonder food. To get much of its nutrients it is better to bake or boil with the skin.

After reading this I hope you  look at potatoes in a brighter light.

P.S  Medilag students, when ordering your nightly ‘skaries’ remember to ask for a generous helping of potato.

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Cerebral Pops

20 Facts to a Score


I’m bespectacled.

It all started in primary school when I had to move my seat to the front because I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly. I snuggled up close to the TV at home else I wouldn’t enjoy whatever series was ongoing.

All through secondary school,I copied my notes from my friends as the eye problem got worse.You know how it is with Nigerian parents, thinking glasses are meant for old people.

Yet no one understood that I didn’t greet my neighbours when they were too far away for me to recognize them (they all thought I was rude) or when I couldn’t see what was written on a signboard.

My friends gave me nicknames like ‘sick-in-the-eyes’ and ‘blind’. Then I gained admission into the university and had to go through health registration.At the eye test centre, I could barely see beyond the second line.The ophthalmologist told me in a grave tone, “You need a pair of glasses”.

When I got home and informed my parents,there  was nothing else they could say. I got a pair of black-rimmed glasses with blue-tinted lenses that made everything seem like it was morning.

One would think I should have been happy but the glasses destroyed my look. I always seemed serious. Oh and of course I earned a new set of nicknames- ‘FourEyes’, ‘Ojugo’, ‘Geek’, and ‘Nerd’.

Now I wear them only when I have to. So I’ve got two looks – with and without my glasses. Most people don’t even know I can see without them.

I’ve learnt something though, ‘Having myopia doesn’t make me myopic’.