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What started as a viral infection in Wuhan, a major commercial hub in China has now become a global pandemic. Health information on the progress of the virus spread, prevention, protection and what regional and global authorities are doing in its wake can be found here. We added the experiences of people as this outbreaks changes life for most as they know it.

We are all in this together

World Health Organization

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

EpidAlert Information Initiative

Lagos State Ministry of Health, Nigeria

Africa Centre for Disease Control

Dr Ola Orekunrin-Brown

Worldometer Timeline


Johns Hopkins


25 March 2020

24 March 2020

Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads

Designs for epidemic

When Architecture Shows Solidarity with China Combating Coronavirus

Twin toddlers aware of quarantine

Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads

Has a baby in quarantine

Zimbabwe shortage of vents


Need for more volunteers

Nigeria recalls retired Drs

Chinese New Year

Screening vs testing

The drivers and house helps 

Nigerians stick in UK

Fake tweet 



It feels like a decade

No more racism

Young Nigerians take on celebs

Nigeria’s political class

Canada tool

Covid tracker


Airtel access NCDC and fmoh for free

Nigeria Movie awards attendees


Facebook donates face mask reserve

Ogun State broadcast classes for primary and secondary pupils

23 March 2020

Angela Merkel In quarantine

Stay indoors

What it means to wear PPE


Chinese virus

Lagos governor closes

CCHub supports Nigerian entrepreneurs solving for Covid19

If you get it 

Why lockdowns can halt the spread

How internet would change the world


EU ‘solidarity’ exposed

Please stay home Londoners

Police drones used in Brussels


Citizen reporting


Cuba Dr helping out Italy 

Massive lasagna at Wembley joke

Mask information backfired

Not to panic this is the ascent of the curve


No traffic

Things to do in quarantine 

El Salvador

Tracking bracelets

Grim Projection in Nigeria 


Need for messaging war room

Tech says stay home

Nigerians lying to NCDC

Diverting health funds new punishment

Learn to cook

Younger Americans


Dr social distancing


First Lady asks that children be safe


Testing at ports

Angela Merkel negative


Snitch or get it

Boris assesses UK

UN chief calls for ceasefire

Hotel self isolation


Nigerians believe it’s a scam 

LMIC covid Control


22 March 2020


Govt of Nigeria





Work from home

Religion fuels spread

Wash your hands

Last time was 9/11

Commendation to Ogun dr


Muslim burial rites changed

Ya Sir Qadhi urges staying home

Church compliance 

New York spiking

Did not escape from lab

Biometric sigh in risk

Nigeria’s poor health

Abroad people

Mapping in Africa

Christian verses on quarantine

We failed to learn

Health workers be wary of aerosol

Hospital readiness checklist

Nigerians flouting isolation

Nigerian celeb puts everyone st movie awards st risk

Lagos hotlines overwhelmed

Ban gatherings task force

To make it relatable

SKorea Pastor facing probe


Former minister of Nigeria conspiracy theorist

Concern for IDPs

Lagos Shuts public offices

21 March 2020

Social distancing and reporting

Graduation postponed

Superhero saty home

Community spirit Edinburg

NUC orders closure of all universities nationwide

Nigerian actress observed self isolation

Parents eat with quarantined child from the hallway

Young man battling pneumonia

Weather is gone

Economics of a vaccine

Quarantine routine

What doctors really need


World Order Change

Sino-American relations


Social distancing 

Did it originate in the US

Mental illness

Why we aren’t overreacting

Stop covid 

Lagos index case tests negative and donates plasma

Interview with hand sanitizer

Twitter is kinder

Italian health workers Not counting the dead anymore

Fatal Community acquired infection

IDP camps

Italy Hospitals overwhelmed

Muslims who went to Jumah anyway

Impact of fake news

Payments company Pagatech does its part

Muslim perspective on common sense

German company makes 4 million kits

What to do if you get it

You may have had it without knowing it


How to stay happy

PPE procurement

Want to speak to viral manager


Nigeria’s curve

Panic buying

Not complying 

Help to NHS retired doctors being Called back


Lagos Flights cancelled

Why we need to massively broadcast

Library shut



20 March 2020

Young people not as safe as they think

Natural origin

Chloroquine frenzy

Empty shelves

Citizens and residents of Delta State should note that as a precautionary measure to mitigate against the potential spread of the Corona Virus, the Delta State government has set up 11 holding facilities across the state. 

These centers, which have been set up in accordance with NCDC guidelines, can be located at the following healthcare facilities:

1. General Hospital, Okwe;

2. General Hospital, Ogwashi Uku;

3. Central Hospital, Ughelli;

4. Central Hospital, Warri;

5. General Hospital, Bomadi;

6. Central Hospital, Sapele;

7. Central Hospital, Kwale;

8. General Hospital, Ekpan;

9. Central Hospital, Oleh;

10. General Hospital, Agbor; and

11. Eku Baptist Hospital.

Finally, if you or anyone you know believe that you may have been exposed to the Corona Virus, please contact the Delta State COVID-19 HOTLINES: 08033521961, 08035078541, 08030758179, 08031230021.

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Retired nurses


1st UK Arrest

Ekiti workers asked to work from home

Quarantine and tv (Parks and Rec reference)

No, drinking water doesn’t kill coronavirus

Situation update worldwide, as of 20 March 2020

WHO brings information to billions

Social ban

Lagos index case tests negative 

Bravery of medical staff

Checking privilege

Africa prepare for the worst

Too broke to stock up

19 March 2020

Lagos bans religious gathering more than 50 people

Cash app donates

Jack of Twitter

Nigerian polls



NHS Drs want tests so they can go back to frontlines

Imperial College modeling on outcomes of allowing spread, flattening curve and active suppression.

Is India doing enough

Entire village on lockdown from infection via  affair

Taking microbiology seriously

Ghana returns SA flight

Not just cough

Can’t escape long calls

Health workers

Las Vegas closing

On critics of big donors

Quarantine with no power

How it takes over

Handbook for kids

18 March 2020

There is no emergency in a pandemic 

Purge alarm during quarantine

School kids at risk at airport

Nigeria gets a case through land border

Nysc innovation for handwashing

Travel bans

ICU in Nigeria

COVID-19 How to Use One Ventilator to Save Multiple Lives

Death toll in UK

Her mom

Freelance writing

Burkina Faso VP


Health workers hit harder

Seasonal predictions are shaky

Italian lies, puts medical team at risk

22year old shares experience

Nigeria’s economy


Nigeria northwest shuts schools

Aggressive testing in an Italian city halts spread


SA disinfects taxis 

Panic buying

Locked up and Lonely by Akon

Guilt tripping Drs on strike

Account of infection

Nhs staff given freebies

Religious Camps

Double venting

NCDC bill

What distancing does

We are the virus


High school musical

Soap war

Nigerians and crowding

4 centers in Nigeria




Health workers



Lagos closes schools

Awareness in Igbo


17 March 2020


Divorce cases rise in China post quarantine

Nigeria 3rd case


History Africa banning flights from Europe

A Doctor shares his experience with covid-19 infection

Mental health

Revealing against the productive quarantine gang

The poor

Kashmiris on lockdown

Politics I Britain

Panic buying is haram

Police in China vs us

What has it ruined

Bidet sales soar


Weak and the effects

Compassion even with social distancing

Western individualism

Dr Chikwe asks for calm

NSAIDS not safe . Is paracetamol safe or not?

Social inequalities and poor medical infrastructure will make a country COVID19 hotbed

16 March 2020

Public health is important

UK Health minister appears not to super herd the immunity theory

COVID-19 spread from January 23 through March 14th.

Idris Elba!

15 March 2020

Sanitizer hoarder has nowhere to sell them

How this puts the plight of refugees in perspective

Nicolas Taleb in UK’s policy

The 1918 influenza epidemic hit Nigeria

Shakespeare wrote a book in the plague quarantine

Omar Sulayman

Heartrending dismay by Uber driver on risk of infection

image omitted

Coronavirus latest: at a glance

13 March 2020

“Looming threat of COVID-19 infection in Africa: act collectively, and fast”

Important to note this is the first major global outbreak we’re having in this day of live streaming and Internet penetration. Everything can be seen in real time globally.

Already there’s been over 2bn mentions online of COVID 19. Over 2 billion!

12 March 2020

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. myths Italy fake news India suspend visas

Why are there low cases in Africa

COVID-19 Cases outside China: *23rd January to 10th March* _#AnimatedInfographic_

11 March 2020 an idiots guide to coronavirus Health minister UK tests positive for coronavirus

WHO Press Briefing on COVID19 now a pandemic.

10 March 2020