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TheRamadhanBaby #10 – Power of Dua

Oft-overlooked, this is an essential part of a Muslim’s life. Our Lord is the Sustainer,Cherisher and Provider of all that exists. If He were to give us all the biggest bounty we can think of, it would not reduce His Wealth by a drop. Why then do we miss opportunities to ask?

Remember all those things we thanked Him for? Ask him to keep replenishing them. And those things we are to be patient upon? Ask that He changes the tide. 

Invocation is the weapon of the believer. With it, you can conquer all and can effect the most change. (Don’t be like the misguided ones who kill innocents for whatever reason)

“Invoke Me (and ask Me for anything) and I will respond ( to your invocation)” Q40:60

Be relentless. Make dua in hardship and ease, in sincerity, for good only, in humility, with His Beautiful Names and exalted Attributes.

Make dua not just when you break your fast, after Asr, in sujood, when its raining, when in difficulty, when you are oppressed, when you are sick, when you are traveling, that special hour on Fridays but in essence, everytime and every situation!

 Make dua for your parents , children, relatives, friends, enemies, strangers. It is the best gift you can give a loved one.

Make dua for all experiencing pain and suffering right now. Make dua for  our  world. Ask Him to protect the planet from all who seek to destroy it. Ask Him to place your departed loved ones in Jannah and for you to be reunited with them in bliss.

Back it up with strong  Iman and Tawakkul, good deeds and character. When you make dua, you either get an answer immefiately or delayed (both at His perfect time) or get an evil prevented. (Sahih At-Tirmidhi 3/140)

He alone should we beseech for help.(Q1:5)

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #9 -Recite! Reflect! Share!

Every corner you turn, you would find people peering closely and reciting from a book in their hands or on their devices. The love of the Qur’an is heightened during this period.
It is after all the month in which it was revealed (Q2:185).

It is a means of drawing closer to Allah. Studying its meaning with authentic tafsirs increases your understanding of the religion.
Whether you plan to finish it once or ten times, let your recitation, memorization and studying be consistent. It may be a Juz (one thirtieth) a day or more or less, put in some work everyday. No matter what you achieve , strive to make it a part of your everyday life.

It is a miracle, a guidance and mercy (Q7:203,16:64,31:3)an absolute truth with certainty (Q69:51,32:3,35:31) a clear book which has been preserved for centuries by Allah who sent it down (Q56:77,78) . It is an holy book, which has been kept in honour and purity(Q80:13-16). It is a warning(Q50:45), it is to be reflected upon (47:24), it is mentioned in itself over 300 times.

Huge resources are currently dedicated to its printing and distribution globally in the same unique form with no changes or different editions. A scripture which millions have memorized such that if all the printed copies on the planet were to be lost, it would be reproduced from the hearts in which it has been engraved without a single letter out of place.

Pick up your copy today. Donate it to mosques, hospitals,prisons, schools and various other institutions. Design apps based on it, help more people gain access to it.

Recite it even if you are not perfect yet. You still get a reward for trying. If you can’t read Arabic yet, register for a class now. Ma sha Allah the means to this have become easy with technology. Read the transliteration in the mean time with the aim of gaining proficiency soon.

You know how you are not satisfied with reading and arithmetic but want to get that secondary school certificate, and even a university degree or even postgraduate? Show the same yearning for studying the Quran and other aspects of your Deen and see your life become richer and make your Akhirah a better investment.

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby 3: KINDNESS

One of the best things about Ramadhan is the surplus of food. this is not exactly due to increase in supply or a verdant economy. Rather it is associated with an almost compulsive urge we all have to share everything and anything.
You find people willing to share an orange, a date, a slice of bread.

How amazing would life be if more of us continued this spirit afterwards. It is upon us to share Islam with the world through its virtues. One of which is kindness.

Our Prophet SAW was the kindest to his household, companions and strangers. This is part of his Sunnah we should embody.

Give to the needy, give to your friend
Give to the one who asks and the one who doesn’t.
Give to the old, give to children
Give to the man, give to the woman
Give food, money, advice, aid
Even if you are poor,
Give a kind word, give a smile.
Every little deed of kindness is Sadaqah
Give of yourself and do not turn those who have come to you for help without at least trying to alleviate their suffering.
Keep the giving cycle alive. For Allah has mercy on those who show mercy to others.

Those who inspire me include-
#RamadanTentProject , the various aid organizations in war torn countries, helping refugees and risking their own lives to help others, the MSF, Red Cross and Crescent, all aid workers and volunteers working with those fleeing or enduring war, disease, natural disasters, occupation and harsh regimes.

May you all find help when and where you need it.

Deen of Peace

A Virtuous Week of Siyaam

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #29 ZAKATUL FITR

In our deen, we have Zakat of money, gold, silver, livestock but Zakatul Fitr is unique in that it is incumbent upon Muslims be they male or female, young or old, slaves or free.
It is a measure of staple food given to the needy at the end of Ramadhan but BEFORE EID.

A Sa’a of food equals 4 Mudd(handfuls) of grain, legumes, dried dates etc is distributed to the poor. Heads of families can pay for themselves then their family. Individuals can pay for themselves.

It is against the Sunnah to use money. This is based on evidences such as:

– Hadith of Ibn Umar, Ibn Abbas and Abu Sa’eed al Khudri: The Prophet legislated a Sa’a of date, barley, wheat and dry yoghurt.[Bukhari, Muslim]

-Hadith of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet made Zakaatul Fitr as purification for the fasting Muslims and FOOD for the poor. [Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud]

In Allah’s wisdom, this commandment ensures food goes round the community and everyone can celebrate without having to beg. It fosters love among family and neighbours and ensures social justice.

Dear brother and sister, kindly pay your Zakatul fitr with the staple in your locality and ensure you do so before Eid.

The Sultan of Sokoto has announced that Friday the 17th of July, 2015 is Eid-l-Fitr 1436A.H as the moon has been sighted in Sokoto.
Eid Mubarak! Taqabalallah mina wa minkum (May Allah accept it from us and from you.)

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #28 ONE UMMAH

The Ummah is the body of Muslims including every man,woman and child in every country and in every corner of this earth (Including those in space too mashaAllah).

Isn’t this concept a beautiful one? How wonderful will it be if we were united as we should be? How will the oppressors and enemies have victory over us. What happened to our blazing years of glory? Those periods when we led the fields of politics, science, exploring, transcontinental trade,medicine, thought and the arts?

We were the centre of civilization

This is a call to us all. A message to reverberate in our hearts that all we are facing today was brought upon us when we threw away our gold and looked for trash elsewhere. We abandoned our deen and forfeited the goodness inherent.

It is upon us to teach our children the Quran and to educate them with the knowledge and practice of this deen according to the Sunnah. We will save them from deviant ideologies who destroy them while posing to help them attain salvation. This will help all our brothers and sisters experiencing unimaginable horrors. Allaah is ready to help us if only we could go back to Him.

We must enjoin peace and good relations with people of other faiths while not being so weak as to be oppressed and be persecuted by anyone.

It is by reeducating ourselves, drawing closer to our Lord and living according to the Sunnah that we would strengthen our bond of unity and be saved from all calamity.
We should believe in this dream:

One Ummah, one creed

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #27 FAMILY

Many have been blessed to have spent the past few weeks getting closer to their family.The different communal activities have created bonds that are less expressed outside Ramadhan.

But the question is will they last? In Islam, the family is the bedrock of society and it is neccesary to preserve this institution. How else will continuity of the species be ensured?

It is for this reason that severing the ties of kinship is considered a great sin. Family is so important. In addition to providing support, it is also a loving environment wherein the individual can attain self actualization

We have been enjoined to honour our parents( Q17 :23). Children are to be loved and cared for. Wives are to be catered for and loved. Husbands are to be supported and respected.Other members of the extended family are to be valued. This includes in-laws too.

Regular visits among families encourages love to grow in them. If they are distant, however, regular calls and messages will be a good way to keep in touch.
Today the norm is abandoning of old parents in brazen gestures of ingratitude. Children are neglected and thus exposed to various danger many of which hinder their development.Extended family members are not even reckoned with.Inlaws? Don’t even think about it.

The Prophet used to visit Khadija’s relatives and continued even after her death He encouraged us to show mercy to the children and all his children loved him. Fatima would come to her father and he would honour her. She would tell him her troubles and he will say soothing word to make her feel better. Her children Hasan and Husayn will play with him. These are scenarios that should be commonplace in contemporary Muslim households.

Changing the world starts at the family level.

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #26 DROP A HABIT

Ramadhan is bidding us farewell. We all had great plans and in shaa Allah we were able to achieve some of them. It is imperative that we take something away from this month.

Imagine a person who fasted for 30 days restraining himself against his desires and working to gain self discipline. Yet after the month passes by he goes back to his old ways. Has this person gained from Ramadhan in any way?

The whole purpose of rejuvenating the soul is lost if we can not observe positive changes after Eid.

The journey to becoming an ideal Muslim starts with small steps.

It could be laxity towards Salah, saying foul words, being rude, lying, being dirty and lazy. We all know the not-so-palatable aspects of our petsonality. Pick one of them today and promise yourself that you will not go back to it ever.

Drop a bad habit today.

Deen of Peace

TheRamadhanBaby #24 ANSWERS

1. Ramadhan 610AD; Cave Hira

2. 3rd

3. Khadija bint Khuwaylid

4. 2 AH Makkah

5. Abu Ayyub al Ansari

6. Q2:183 (this was in a previous post!)

7. Ninth

8. Sumayyah wife of Yasir, mother of Ammar

9. 97


Sister Farida from New York got the most correct answers.

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Deen of Peace


Each year we get worked up in a spiritual frenzy suddenly transforming ourselves and being so good and devoted. Come Eid, we throw all this away like old clothes and continue in our old ways.

Why we think this is smart is hilarious when it isn’t baffling. We outsmart no one but ourselves when we act like this. It shows an inner ignorance of the core essence of the month. Little do we realize that it is an opportunity to remodel and improve our lives for the next eleven months.

Whatever you achieve this month, try your best to practice it everyday afterwards. It may be difficult but if you stay committed to and believe in your goals,you will realize them in sha Allah.

Only then can we say we have attained maximal benefit.