IELTS Basics Explained

This tests English proficiency for school admissions, and migration to English-speaking countries like Canada, UK, Australia.‬

There are two types



Make sure to confirm which of them you need for your specific purpose. 

Academic: higher learning purposes, for scholarships, foreign licensing and professional exams like PLAB

General Training: proficiency in a day-to-day setting. How will you integrate into your new environment , conduct  interactions at work and social settings.

Either one is divided into 4 bands





Reading: text culled from a source, you would answer questions. Comprehension and speed are skills needed. 60minutes

Listening : how well can you understand what is spoken to you? Audio recording with questions for you to answer. You need to be able to listen to different accents. 4 recordings. Requires practice. 30 minutes

Speaking: talk to an examiner. Answer basic questions, engage in a discussion with them; speak at length about a topic.<15 minutes


Task 1 (150 words)

Task 2 (250 words)

Task 1 Academic: write about a data set which can be in form of table, diagram, map or graph.

Task 1 General Training: Letter writing which could be formal, semi-formal or informal.

Task 2 for both: Short essay with specific instructions. Graded for task response, (how well you answered the question) coherence and cohesion (does it make sense), grammatical range and accuracy (how varied and correct your grammar is) lexical resource (vocabulary strength basically).


All the band scores are aggregated (please find out the score you need for your specific purpose)

Expert user 9

Very good user 8

Good user 7

Competent user 6

Modest user 5

Why would you want a score of 4?

Alright alright

Limited user 4

Extremely limited user 3

Intermittent user 2

Non-user 1

Did not attempt test 0

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