COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #5

“What am I supposed to do?”: Covid-19 sparks mass unemployment across US

Death toll in Spain overtakes China

COVID-19: Ikeja Electric Closes Offices Partially to Safeguard Customers, Staff

Canada backs $57bn coronavirus relief bill    

LA County Sheriff allow gun store to remain open

Johns Hopkins: please take social distancing seriously to save lives   

UNHRC measures to keep refugees safe

Police shut down 15 schools, clubs and religious gatherings in Lagos for non-compliance      

Vatican decree for upcoming Easter celebration

Ontario confirms 100 new coronavirus cases in a day

Online gaming booms as virus lockdowns keep millions at home

Final year students to be put on NHS frontline to deal with coronavirus crisis      

UN chief calls for global ceasefire to focus on ‘the true fight of our lives’      

Economic recession expected in G20 countries amid COVID-19 outbreak      

More than $200 milion received by WHO

Risk of dying from COVID-19

Private hospitals will be made public

Angry italian mayors admonishing citizens disobeying self-isolation order     

Prince Charles

New symptoms

New York executive order

Visas extended

Dead at home

Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads      

When Architecture Shows Solidarity with China Combating Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads      

Canada tool

Covid tracker


Airtel access NCDC and fmoh for free     

Facebook donates face mask reserve

Angela Merkel In quarantine

Why lockdowns can halt the spread



Younger Americans



COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #5

Nigerian celebrity, Runtown gives donations

Receipt of Runtown’s money     

In darkness admist staying at home

US Navy called in             

Nigerians respond to news of top Government officials testing positive for Coronavirus      

Testing Kits for Coronavius from the Jack ma foundation arrive Nigeria and head to Abuja.

FDA approves its first rapid Coronavirus test

Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus

World renowned Chef dies after testing positive for Coronavirus      

NCDC calls citizen in self isolation

Young people are aware              

Telemedicine regulations changed by a decade in two weeks

Don’t be silly

Nigeria’s Presidents spokesman complains about the coronavirus coverage in a chilling blast from the past            

Family not taking any chances

Nigerian Celeb giving out money     

Refusing isolation, get charged with attempted murder      

Text messaging


Response to racism


Repurposing elephant projects 

Trigeminal neuralgia a new symptom

                Designs for epidemic     

Twin toddlers aware of quarantine 

Imaginary symptoms     

Has a baby in quarantine             

Zimbabwe shortage of vents


Need for more volunteers

Nigeria recalls retired Drs

Chinese New Year           

Screening vs testing       

The drivers and house helps

Nigerians stuck in UK     

Fake tweet



It feels like a decade      

No more racism

Young Nigerians take on celebrities

Nigeria’s political class  

Nigeria Movie awards attendees


Ogun State broadcast classes for primary and secondary pupils      

Stay indoors

What it means to wear PPE         


Chinese virus

Lagos governor closes   

CCHub supports Nigerian entrepreneurs solving for Covid19      

If you get it         

How internet would change the world

EU ‘solidarity’ exposed

Please stay home Londoners      

Police drones used in Brussels   


Citizen reporting


Cuba Drs  helping out Italy

Massive lasagna at Wembley joke  

Mask information backfired       

Not to panic this is the ascent of the curve  


No traffic            

Things to do in quarantine

El Salvador         

Tracking bracelets          

Grim Projection in Nigeria


Need for messaging war room   

Tech says stay home

Nigerians lying to NCDC

Diverting health funds new punishment

Learn to cook

Dr social distancing         

First Lady asks that children be safe


Testing at ports

Angela Merkel negative


Snitch or get it  

Boris assesses UK

UN chief calls for ceasefire 

Hotel self isolation          


Nigerians believe it’s a scam



COVID-19: Through the eyes of an average Nigerian student.

‘’We don’t have any plans, no lecturers have reached out to us to tell us what to read, there is no online class. By the time we resume, Unilag will rush us.’’

This week, Pandemic Diary interviews a student of the University of Lagos. We get an insight into how the current pandemic has affected the average Nigerian student, the setbacks and possible silver lining.

Tell me how we got here.

I am a student at the University of Lagos.

The first we heard of COVID-19 was when it became a thing at Wuhan, China. We discussed it as students in my hostel but we never saw it as something that could hit home till we saw the news of how it was spreading around the world.

I remember, there was a day I saw on Twitter how rapid the spread was, and I prayed that Allah should just keep us safe. The next day, that’s when I heard that COVID-19 hit Nigeria *laughs*

That was when major paranoia started. People rushing hand sanitisers and face masks. I had a face mask but I didn’t have a bottle of hand sanitiser. It was on a Friday we got the news. On that very day, sanitisers were sold out at UNILAG, so I went to Yaba.

You went all the way to Yaba to buy hand sanitiser? 

Yeah, I bought hand sanitisers for my friends and me, the price was crazy but I just closed my eyes and I bought it. When I returned, I distributed it amongst my friends and I was paid back.

So, things were still cool, classes were going on fine. That was how Unilag announced that the upcoming convocation ceremony had been postponed.


The next Monday, we were on our way to class for a test when we got the news that the ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike had begun. So for the first week of ASUU strike, COVID-19 was in Lagos but we didn’t see it as a serious thing. 

During the second week of the strike, DSA (Dean of Students Affairs) sent a message on Friday saying that all students should prepare to leave before 4 pm the next day.

The very next day?

Exactly. I already planned to leave that Friday because of the virus and of course, we weren’t going to have classes. All these happened between March 7th and March 20th. On March 20th, I was already home, today is March 31st, I have been home for 11 days. 

We don’t have any plans, no lecturers have reached out to us to tell us what to read, there is no online class. By the time we resume, Unilag will rush us.

I was going to ask that question. Looking backwards and then forward, how do you think this will affect your education?

Looking backwards, I was glad about the ASUU strike. But looking forward, this virus is going to make things difficult for students. We don’t even know when it will end, we don’t know what we will meet when we resume, we don’t know how the academic calendar will be affected. We haven’t heard anything from our lecturers, there is no communication whatsoever for online classes. 

You know how we have this document for GST (General Studies) that has everything you need for the exam? I was expecting some of our lecturers to do the same, compile their course-work and share on the group chat, it’s not rocket science.

I mean, we are not students anymore, we are just in-between life.

I understand that you are interested in current happenings, how do you think the government handled the situation?

Honestly, I am impressed with the government of Lagos state. It feels like SanwoOlu is making up for the Okada ban. The only mistake made was the late closure of the airports and the spread from one state to another. The federal government should have banned incoming flights and interstate transportation. Now it’s almost everywhere, not every state can handle it as Sanwo-Olu has done.

Tell me something interesting; your transition from home to school. 

Actually, before leaving school, I had written my strategies; my mental coping strategies. I called it home coping strategies, things that will keep me grounded when I get home.

To tell you the truth, that was not needed because we have help now that makes all the difference for all of us. The responsibilities at home are now divided. Although for an average student, I can tell you that it is not going to be easy. For example, my roommate is from a family of 5 and she is the one that is relied on for domestic tasks. She didn’t want to go home. She also had a rift with her mother before coming to school and her mum had not forgiven her, so she was looking for ways to avoid going home. Now she is home and she is surviving.

How did your typical Nigerian mum handle this pandemic?

My mum is handling it well. She doesn’t do all those ‘drink palm oil’. She is enlightened about the virus and keeps up with the news. She stocked up the house about three times for us.

How scared are you? How are you taking this?

I’ve had about three incidents when I thought I caught Covid19.

Gist me. 

I was on a bus, someone coughed in front of me, another coughed beside me. All through that day, I felt sick.

I thought – Yes, this is finally it. How am I going to break it to my family that I have the virus?

Is that you Rona?

*laughs* The other time, it was malaria I had to treat. The point is we see people recovering and people dying, it’s not a death sentence. It’s not something that should strike irrational fear.

The thing is you have to be aware that if you put yourself at risk, you don’t know the underlying factors present in you.

For example, I heard of a woman that was discharged and left the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis.

I’m very conscious of the fact that if I put myself at risk, I will be affecting other people. My brother is asthmatic and has a history of pneumonia so his lungs aren’t the best. My mom is a senior citizen and I wouldn’t want to experiment that with my mother. So, I am in-between knowing that it’s not a death sentence and being wary of catching it because it can’t be good for those around me.

I am taking the middle course, I am not so afraid, neither am I nonchalant about the situation.

You’re in your early 20s. How has this changed your perspective on life?

We are not unique.

Now I see, we are not unique in any way. We are like other generations, helpless. It makes me think of the deaths occurring in Italy and Spain. This life is fickle, honestly.

I used to think that because it’s 2020, the world has gotten to a level of advancement, in the sense that things like COVID-19 should be treated in one week; just find a cure, let’s move on with life.

Final word?

A lot of people feel that Covid19 has halted life. I just want you to know that it was bound to happen, and it happened now. There is nothing special about it happening in 2020.

There are a lot of people that are unsure of whether they will find something to eat tomorrow because of this pandemic, don’t just think of yourself, think of how unprivileged others are.

Also, this is the time for people to realise that capitalism isn’t it, we should add some socialism to it; look out for our neighbours.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you, bye-bye…. and wash your hands!

 Interview by Faridah Bakare 

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #4

Religion fuels spread

Did not escape from lab

Mapping in Africa     

Christian verses on quarantine   

Health workers be wary of aerosol

Hospital readiness checklist

South Korea Pastor facing probe

Concern for IDPs

NUC orders closure of all universities nationwide

World Order Change

Sino-American relations


Social distancing

Did it originate in the US

Why we aren’t overreacting

Lagos index case tests negative and donates plasma

German company makes 4 million kits

You may have had it without knowing it

How to stay happy

Young people not as safe as they think

Natural origin

1st UK Arrest

Ekiti workers asked to work from home

No, drinking water doesn’t kill coronavirus

Situation update worldwide, as of 20 March 2020

WHO brings information to billions

Checking privilege

Africa prepare for the worst

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #4


Govt of Nigeria          





Work from home

Wash your hands

Last time was 9/11     

Commendation to Ogun dr


Muslim burial rites changed

Ya Sir Qadhi urges staying home

Church compliance    

New York spiking

Biometric sigh in risk 

Nigeria’s poor health 

Abroad people

We failed to learn       

Nigerians flouting isolation

Nigerian celeb puts everyone at movie awards at risk  

Lagos hotlines overwhelmed 

Ban gatherings task force

To make it relatable   


Former minister of Nigeria conspiracy theorist

Lagos Shuts public offices    

Victim of fake news in Nigeria 

Social distancing and reporting

Graduation postponed

Superhero stay home 

Community spirit Edinburg

Nigerian actress observed self isolation

Parents eat with quarantined child from the hallway  

Young man battling pneumonia

Weather is gone         

Economics of a vaccine

Quarantine routine

What doctors really need


Mental illness

Stop covid      

Interview with hand sanitizer 

Twitter is kinder

Italian health workers Not counting the dead anymore  

Fatal Community acquired infection

IDP camps      

Italy Hospitals overwhelmed 

Muslims who went to Jumah anyway

Impact of fake news

Payments company Pagatech does its part

Muslim perspective on common sense 

What to do if you get it


PPE procurement

Want to speak to viral manager


Nigeria’s curve          

Panic buying

Not complying           

Help to NHS retired doctors being Called back  


Lagos Flights cancelled         

Why we need to massively broadcast

Library shut



Chloroquine frenzy

Empty shelves



Retired nurses


Quarantine and TV (Parks and Recreation reference)  

Social ban

Lagos index case tests negative

Bravery of medical staff

Too broke to stock up