Review : SMD November Tijaarah Tea

The last edition held a lot of promise and did not disappoint. The ambience of the venue created a relaxing yet focused mood for participants.

First up was an interactive session by Sis Fatimah Aiyegbajeje about the conduct of business according to the Shariah (Islamic Law). Several interesting topics were addressed. The good grasp and delivery of the speaker made it difficult to wrap up. She left everyone better poised to make their business comply more with halal principles.

And then it was time for tea! The rich taste of the hibiscus blend and the soft cake with sweet toppings kept palates busy for several minutes.

Next up was the highly charged talk on e-commerce by the guru Gbemmy Oyekan-Fasasi. In her characteristic vibrant way, she demonstrated how to navigate the online marketing maze many entrepreneurs struggle with. Her session left everyone present with renewed drive towards giving IT a bigger role in running an enterprise.

Lunch was the steaming hot Nigerian delicacy of Amala and ewedu. It was delicious and made without artificial seasoning. Culinary expert and convener of the tea, shared more valuable tips.

The last session was chaired by Mr Happy of CitiNG who patiently emphasised the importance of having a website. For many Nigerian start-ups, owning one is often difficult due to the problems of high cost, lack of flexibility, design hitches among others. Thus a company providing solutions in this area is welcome.

Alongside the sessions was new addition to the programme. @haniesyogurt, @teefahsensemble @smd all had their beautiful products on display at the Souq.

It was a great delight to meet the phenomenal @kifayahmompreneur , and a blessing to reconnect with friends who are lovely sisters contributing their quota to society. It is hoped that more Muslimah-owned businesses are strengthened with this initiative in future.


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