TheRamadhanBaby #15: Intentions

Halfway already! Alhamdulillah.

We are enjoined to busy ourselves with acts of Ibaadah. But there is something important we must make sure of if we want them to be accepted- our intentions.

“All actions are judged by intention”.(An -Nawawi)

This junction we have reached is a good time to renew our Niyyah (intention).Sincerity is very highly placed in our worship. We should set out upon a good deed with aim for good – to worship Allah, to help people. We must work to eschew all inclinations to display our deeds too much as we run the risk of falling into Ar-Riyaa.- show off. This could jeopardize our faith. This means being careful of posting everything we do on social media.

Ask yourself, ” I doing this so people will call me pious?”

The beauty of Islam is that you are rewarded for good deeds even if you don’t get to do them as long as you made a good intention. Now this does not mean talking about it to anyone by a solemn promise to your Lord that one wants to do this good deed and work towards carrying out.

May our deeds be accepted.

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