TheRamadhanBaby 5: CLEAN SLATE

Pick a bad habit or a recurrent sin and decide to drop it. Let it not continue till the next month. We may not be able to cleanse our souls in one sweep but we can work on one stain at a time.

Make sincere Tawbah (repentance) and while you struggle not to go back to the old ways, seek Allah’s help in keeping you on track.
Make lots of Istigfar and let your tongue be moist with Dhikr (remembrance). Our beloved Prophet who was forgiven all his sins sought forgiveness 100 times a day.

Give to the needy, strive to lead a better life and inculcate the spirit of humility as these aid acceptance of Tawbah.
If we hide our sins from others,what makes us feel comfortable committing it, knowing that Allah is the one who sees all things and is ever watchful over His servants. May Allah cleanse us of our sins as the white cloth is cleansed of stains Aamiin.

“Dust the cobwebs of your Qalb with the broom of Iman.” -Oumissa, 2011

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