TheRamadhanBaby #22 THE LITTLE ONES


They make us laugh, smile, angry and cry but we love them all the same.Our children are the future of this Ummah. If we do not train them upon the path now, who will continue the deen after we are gone? Or are we expecting them to suddenly become pious after we let them spend their youth devoid of learning?

Teach them to fast in grades. Wake them for Sahur and withhold snacks for as long as is easy for them. As they grow, train them to abstain from all yummies for one hour, two, three and so on until they become mentally and physically able to carry a full day’s fast. This is better than ignoring them for years and breathing down their necks when they become teenagers.

Teach them what the whole concept means. The place of Ramadhan in Islam, its history, its core principles, its method, benefits and rewards. They need to know that fasting reminds us of the daily hunger felt by the poor. This will help them understand the importance of giving to charity. They should imbibe the virtues of brotherhood, kindness, devotion, patience and discipline.

Involve them in all your activities from Sahur, Tahajjud, Salah, Sadaqah, Iftar,Tarawih. Do not overburden them but let them take on more activities according to the ability. Let them help with the cooking even if it is by washing fruits.
With kindness and love, teach them to control their time and avoid distractions. Let them join you at Tafsir. You do not know what message will be imprinted in their minds forever.

Most of all, teach them that Ramadhan is meant to improve the quality of your life till the next. The lessons continue even after Eid.

May Allah be with our children and help them grow into good Muslims who will be the light of this world and the hereafter.

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