Every year we all have hopes of achieving great feats in our Deen. Unfortunately however, many do not come close to doing so. The disappointment that ensues is so intense that it tends to overwhelm us.

How do we reverse this endless trend of failure and regret? It’s simple really.

The SMART acronym is useful in this regard.
Specific- your goal should be clear cut so you have a focus. write it down if you will. it helps!

Measurable- this is good to assess progress made so far and how much more you need to work. A sister could give herself a target of completing one Juz per day for example.

Attainable- Do not overburden yourself. Why? even your Lord does not place a burden on you more than you can bear. it may look small but completion and continuity after Ramadhaan is what brings immense joy. You have to know your limits and work within them.

Realistic- this speaks for itself. High-faluting plans bordering on fantasy end up nowhere. You have to be ready to commit to see your goal through.

Timely- There arfe certain things that must be finished by Eid. Completion of Quran, finishing a Deen literature etc are bound by Ramadhan. Others like character improvement, Sadaqah, Dhikr, punctuality in Salah have to worked upon in this month but will continue afterwards as this is a true test of sincerity.

So whether we plan to complete the Quran one or more times, engage in more Dhikr, give more to charity, learn and memorize Surahs, refine our character, eschew a couple of bad habits forever or even just maintain the five daily Salah, the important thing to note is that Allah loves the small deeds that are consistent.

Don’t push yourself over the edge. Make dua to Allah to make it easy and work towards it step-by-step.

May Allah help us perform deeds that will bring us nearer to Amin.

* * * *

So what goals have you set out for yourself this Ramadhaan?

TheRamadhanBaby #2 GUEST ON THE BLOG

We have a guest on the blog today as we coast along the second day of fasting. Her name is Thawriyyah. A writer, who is working to become a dentist soon,a student of ilm, a teacher who is also an advocate of faith being geared towards the common good.

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As we begin the Sawm for Ramadhaan 1436, let’s bear in mind the essence of the ‘Ibadah:
1. It’s one of the pillars of Islam
2. It’s ordained by Allah (jalla man laa yamuut) and for every injunction of Allah that we abide by sincerely for Him, a bountiful reward awaits us – in sha Allah
3. There is no act of ‘Ibadah we are enjoined to do that doesn’t have an impact to play in our lives, if it’s done as expected and with the right intention. As stated in Q2:183 “Fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may be pious”. Hence, the goal here is to increase us in piety via the ‘ibaadaat we will be engaging in.
4. We should knw that Allah (azza wa jalla) doesn’t need the fast of someone who claims to be fasting and yet goes about speaking vulgarly or acting impudently. So, we should fast with all parts of our body.
5. Feeding our soul more than our body is one of the key messages Ramadhaan comes to pass, year in year out. The soul and body is what makes a man, but what defines him is which one he feeds more than the other.
All in all, we should embrace this Ramadhaan with the appropriate intention (multiple intentions are allowed too!), make realistic plans without trying to be lax and do something differently this Ramadan.

May Allah(maalik-ul-yawm) not deny us the blessings of this blessed month, May He not make it the last for us and May He keep us steadfast on this Tareeq of truth. Aameen.


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All praise is due to Allah who has preserved us to experience yet another holy month.

I am especially happy that this year was devoid of all the moonsighting hullabaloo of the previous one. Muslims the world over agreed this time around. Perhaps we all promised like me that such lack of cooperation should never happen again.

It is yet another opportunity to rejuvenate our closeness to the Creator, render more help to the needy, be cleansed of sins and to have a better life after Eid.

The beauty of this month in the contemporary world has been accentuated by the internet and social media. Both have made it possible for everyone to see the majority of Muslims for who they are and what they can be. Images of large swathes of people having Iftar together, helping the poor, and praying together have portrayed them as being first, normal human beings with human fears and limitations. This has helped many to understand more about this religion and separate facts from myth. In all, Ramadhaan is a time when the central focus of the faith-peace-IMG-20150618-WA0000is so glaringly obvious

In light of current happenings however, we can not claim that everything is alright with our world. Violence in abominable forms have been committed in the name of Islam by a minority who have been condemned and declared deviant by the highest religious authorities. Every Muslim therefore has a responsibility to counter the narrative of such evil by being kind, gentle and wise in every situation and especially in relations to people of other or no faith.

It is only then we can have a world of peaceful coexistence and progress. This is because the gains we need to achieve in the areas of climate change, health, malnutrition,human rights, justice and opportunities for all can not come to be if we are embroiled in chaos.

To all my brothers and sisters entering Ramadhaan with the ever persistent threat to their lives and property, I salute your courage and pray succour reaches you soon.

In general, this goes to all victims of violence and repression in my home country Nigeria, DR Congo, Sudan, Western Sahara, Egypt, Libya,Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Myanmar, Charleston and everywhere else in the world. Many have been killed leaving behind grieving loved ones. May Allah keep you strong and grant you relief . Amin.

Ramadhaan Mubarak!