TheRamadhanBaby #10 DHIKR


The slave who is wise is one who constantly remembers the favour of his Lord. Such is one who is continuously blessed.

Remembering Allah is so easy yet brings so many rewards. We can repeat the authentic words from the Hadeeth.

One of such is, “Two words are light on the tongue heavy in the balance,beloved to the Merciful: ‘Subhanallah wa bi hamdih, Subhanallahil Adhiim’ Glory be to Allah and by His praise. Glory be to Allah, the Immense. (Bukhari).
Such beautiful words!

We could moisten our tongues with Tahleel(La ilaha ila llah), Tahmeed(alhamdulillah) and Tasbeeh(Subhanallah).

We could find a quiet corner and reflect on Allah’s countless favours upon us, ponder about His creation and how He has power over all things.

Whilst trying as much as possible to keep thoughs of Him as close to our forebrains as possible, we would find that our minds and bodies become fresh and our hearts become purer with no room for evil.

Constantly remembering Allah and reminding others of the same will keep us from sins and help us get the best of our lives.

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