TheRamadhanBaby #7 MAKE DU’A


Imaan is not complete without Tawwakul. We claim to have faith but act like we do not trust Allah to take care of our needs. In our hurry to get what we want, we lose sight of the lesson of patience.

When we ask Allah we should do so with total conviction that he will do what’s best for us. Let’s make Dua for ourselves, our deen, loved ones,careers, neighbours, strangers and the needy around us.

We should not just ask for material things only but pray for character and deen improvement, better understanding of the deen, and then the ultimate goal-Jannah.

It is better to have a Dua list which could be as long as you want. Allah has power over all things remember? Don’t miss out on special times like after breaking the fast, during rainfall, during Sujood, the final Tashahhud before making Taslim on Salah etc

Among the things we should strive towards if we want our Dua answered are repentance, avoiding unlawful acts, a lawful source of livelihood, and good behaviour towards people. With these and sincerity,it is hoped that we get beautiful answers to our Dua.

Never underestimate the power of supplication.

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