TheRamadhanBaby #5 QUR’AN



The past seven days have been wonderful in so many ways. One of these is the renewed bond with the Quran. There is this beautiful humming sound that emanates from the recitations of so many people.

The book-month relationship wouldn’t baffle you if you realize that the Quran was revealed in this month.
Busy as we are nowadays it isn’t so easy to complete it even once without much discipline.

Abundant reward lies in not just the recitation but pondering over the meanings, working on memorization and trying to live by it.

In addition, it is good to attend circles of tafsir. With time and work affecting Quran goals, extra efforts have to be made because the month will not stay forever. These efforts can be continued even after Eid and in sha Allah help improve our lives

The photo above (via Ilmfeed) is a guide to completion of the Quran in Ramadhaan. That inexplicable feeling of peace only comes when we concentrate while reciting and believe the Quran is the word of Allah(SWT) whose message is a guide for us.

For brothers and sisters still not able to read Arabic, please get a copy of a translation and help your soul to some enrichment.

May we all benefit immensely from this. Amin

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