1435 A.H.

Coming across so many messages heralding the start of a new Muslim Hijrah year evoked a mixture of feelings. On one hand, it feels great to know that more people are becoming aware of their deen. On the other, it feels sad that the hype is for all except the real lessons behind the Hijrah.

It is imperative to first find out about the basis of any issue regarding the religion before spreading it among the people. The sources i.e.the Qur’an and the Books of Hadith are widely available. Let’s research them more.

The Hijrah symbolizes a pivotal period in Muslim history. The persecution of the early Muslims in Makkah was so awful that Allah(SWT) commanded the Prophet(SAW) to migrate to Madinah (the literal meaning of Hijrah is migration) along with the Muslims.

They migrated at different times for they were a people of different means. Many of them left family and property behind venturing into a new life full of unknowns. Such was the unwavering faith they had.

The Prophet (SAW) and Abu Bakr particularly had a rough journey. To escape from the Quraish(powerful tribe in Makkah) they stayed in a cave along the way for days and came close to being found out. Ali(the Prophet’s cousin), Asma(Abu Bakr’s daughter) and the rest of both their families played major roles in their migration.
In the end, the Muslims found a refuge in Madinah and flourished there.

In as much as I implore you to read more about the Hijrah, I would like you to note some of the lessons inherent:

Faith: In the cave,the Prophet and Abu Bakr believed they would be protected. And they were! They all expressed amazing heights of Iman. Their hearts were filled with their hope and trust in Allah(SWT)

Perseverance: the Muslims bore the persecution. They experienced hunger and threats to their lives. They an economic embargo placed on them. It was a really difficult time.

Sacrifice: they left their families, property and all the things they had loved all their lives for the sake of Islam.

Patience: the Makkans were patient all through the persecution. They did not leave until they were commanded by their leader, Prophet Muhammad(SAW). He also waited for the command from His Lord.

Acceptance: The people of Yathrib(Madinah) welcomed the Makkans(Al Muhajirun: the immigrants) wholeheartedly. They were thenceforth known as Al Ansar(the Helpers). Food,clothing, wealth,homes were all shared.

It’s the one thousand, four hundred and thirty-fifth year since…Allahu Akbar.

What does the Hijrah mean to you?

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