The Caliph’s Wife

A man came to Umar (RA) to complain about his wife’s speech pattern towards him.

As he reached his door, he heard Ummi Kulthum, Umar (RA) wife, speaking with a similar speech pattern towards him (Umar (RA).

The man thought to himself, “I intended to complain about my wife to him,but he appears to be afflicted
with the same problem I am experiencing.”
Thus,He turned around and began to leave. Umar (RA) noticed him leaving and called him back.

When questioned about his visit,he explained,”I came to complain to
you about my wife, but I overheard your wife and decided to leave.

“Umar (RA) explained,”I
have adopted a forgiving nature towards her because of the rights she
has upon me.

Firstly, she serves as a barrier between me and hell-fire and my heart is at peace with her as she saves me from indulging in haram.
Secondly, she protects my wealth when I leave my home.
Thirdly, she washes my clothes.
Fourthly, she
attends to the upbringing of my children. And fifthly, she cooks and prepares my food.

“After hearing this, the man replied, “I enjoy the same benefits from my wife, but I have never overlooked her faults and shortcomings. In future, I shall do so. This is Umar (RA) O servants of Allah!
* * * *
Umar bn Khattab (RA) was the second Caliph(Leader of the Muslims). He was also one of the closest Companions to the Holy Prophet(SAW). He led the Muslims by example not only in the public domain but also in domestic affairs.

Worthy of note also is the fact that the Muslims at this time could walk into the home of their Caliph to complain about such private matters.

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