Deen of Peace


We stayed off nourishment from dawn to dusk

Our breaths were dearer to Allah than the scent of musk

Hours we spent poring over the Qur’an

Will draw us closer to earning his Ridwaan


Ditching sleep for Tahajjud was no easy task

A myriad of favours from Him we had to ask

Long into the night we stood for Tarawih

All round the day we generously observed Nawafil


The times we turned our minds away from food

Have done our perseverance a lot of good

And for the scorching days of thirst

We get to enter through the gate of Raihan first


As we scooped handfuls of staple for Zakatul Fitr

Did we promise to keep our daily Witr

Across the world believers rejoice in Eid

How pleasant it feels to follow a wonderful creed

By OumissaInspire

bibliophile musings

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