20 Facts to a Score

I’m an advocate for the rights of women and children.

It unnerves me whenever I see children and women being deprived of their rights. Everywhere I turn, I find them being stripped of their innocence. Hitherto, I have kicked against this in my mind, only voicing out my opinion during discussions. This represents a bigger opportunity to urge you all to do your best to uphold the rights of women and children.

Why does man find it neccessary to oppress the weak among his kind? The two classes of society are meant to be defended and not attacked, protected but not neglected.

Husbands batter their wives mercilessly while parents deny their childres the legacy if education. I want to share two real stories.

The first is about a woman who is murdered by her husband. From the start of the marriage , there had always been a rift. He treated her like an animal and she lived in fear of him. She ran away from her matrimonial home a number of times only for her husband to come begging. Each time she returned. Things go to a head one fateful day. After the usual argument, he beat her as usual before murdering her in the most brutal way. 
This woman died in the hands of the man who swore to protect her. She trusted him with her life and paid dearly for it. Thus a promising career was brought to an end and a child left motherless.

Th second story is about a young girl and her stepmother. The girl’s neighbours accused her of stealing. Her stepmother was too angry to confirm whether the allegation was true. In a burst of fury, she plugged in a pressing iron and branded her step-daughter on the breast burning of the nipple in the process. If the girl’s teachers hadn’t found out, we might never have found out. 

If you think these stories are too gory to read, try and imagine yourself in the shoes of either victim. What they both suffered was uncalled for. 

Many more of these stories are unfolding as you read this. I’m appealing to the inner sense of goodwill in evreryone reading this, let’s stand up and say, ‘We have had enough of this’.

Women and children might be considered as weak and vulnerable but the truth remains, they are an integral part of society.

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