Why do i feel giddy all of a sudden, ehn?
Yesterday my head was buried deep in my blog
I literally begged ol’ Temi to come to school
Lazed all thru today
 pulled off some laundry n cleanin, 
next was a call.
 Hey, he’s in school!
U dont know how shocked i was
Didnt know whether to laugh out or jump up
D atmosphere suddenly became bright.
 Hitherto, i didn’t know what i was missing
 or that i was missing it at all 
(to think i call maself ouMISSa)
Wrong timing ( again)
 i just got out of the bathroom
 n so he had to chill a bit. 
Not that i usually dress up for him.
 Its just that i wished i didn’t have to rush
Pashmina chose d wrong day to be naughty
One  ” na wa” later,
 i came out lookin 4 him.
 Windii pointed n i redirected
 ( anoda ‘as usual’)
Was too stunned.
 Never tot he’d come so soon.
 mind you the new shirt made him difficult to spot , little joke abt ma glasses
Played wiv Windii 
, a call came in for him.
 we then sized each oda up.
Apparently i was seemin dull.
 Really i fink it was an unexpected sad wave 
 if i cud hug it might av made him feel bet’er.
 Emmai had to enter d gist
Now this has bcom a norm,
 sum’n i must cope wiv.
 lil faux-pas abt him callin ha.
 Went upstairs,
 she was in a hapi mood wiv sm mutual babez.
called him by mistake 
 he caught a whiff of d ice cream frenzy
went downstairs n like an aforewritten script, events played out in a manner
 so familiar it almost went unnoticed.
 Past maghrib wen we dispersed.
 i sensed sum’n was wrong.
 u know like dat delicate equation
 was tipped to a dangerous side…..

Feb 29  22:20

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